Friday, July 10, 2015

Is there such a thing as a dual Soul as implied by Matt 6:22-23?  Consider recent news about Bill Cosby, old news about Jimmy Swaggart, Priests who were child molesters, and other examples in the news and throughout history.  Obviously, incompatible lifestyles do exist in one individual whose eye is not single.


  1. The self-serving nature is the enemy of Unity; and, therefore, will always weaken Society with many suffering while a few wield their power to serve themselves.

  2. A change in actions, mid-stream, does not demonstrate a change of heart when the self-serving nature is involved.

  3. When caught doing evil acts, how does the self-serving nature justify overlooking the act? It deflects the discussion to something considered good.

    Planned Parenthood (PP) has been caught in evil acts. Therefore, the supporters of funding them point to things "PP" does that is considered good to justify continued funding. Why do the supporters deflect the conversation from "PP's" evil acts? It is because "PP" helps fund their re-election campaigns. Most likely, some of the "intact babies" are aborted alive. They are then allowed, or helped, to die. That should be murder.

    "PP" is also a political lobbyist. Lobbyist always expect to receive a return on their investment.