Sunday, August 7, 2016

Liberals/Progressives FEED on poverty and chaos.  If a farmer believes a food crop will be good for his purposes, he will grow more and more of it.  In the same way, Liberals/Progressives grow more and more poverty and chaos.  Tip of the Iceberg Examples:
Illegal Immigration and Displaced Immigration - imports poverty - eventually diluting the influence of the Middle Class in political decisions
Government taxes and regulations - suppresses wages and job creation which results in some moving from Middle Class to poverty conditions
Government Welfare: designed to keep people in poverty because it gives them an easy way to be less than they can be.
Increasing Minimum Wages: reduces available jobs (forcing some on Government Welfare) while letting the survivors remain in working poverty and be less than they can be.
Using Children to put mothers on Government Welfare - creates one parent families which increases poverty and more chaos as poorly guided children grow into adults
Support of Anti-Law Enforcement activists - aids in creating chaos
Support of immoral activities - aids in creating chaos
Supporting Evidence: Observe what is happening in our Nation with the POTUS we have.  Check out cities and countries where Liberals/Progressives have been in power for a considerable time.  In all cases you will see an increasing trend toward poverty and chaos.
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