Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Man has an intellectual and feeling side (aspect).  Is it any wonder that Society manifests the same characteristics in varying degrees?  Conservatives lean toward the intellectual while Liberals/Progressives lean toward the feeling.  Consider, though, that our feeling aspect learns by way of the intellectual aspect.  Once the way is learned, actions then become a habit expressed by the feeling aspect through the intellectual aspect who is the only way she has to interact with the physical reality.

What we see in Society is a war between these two aspects of Man.  The self-serving nature lives in the feeling aspect of Man.  As in the Garden, he rebels against what is good.  Therefore, we see this attitude expressed primarily by Liberals/Progressives.  It is why their demonstrations tend to be very emotional.  It is also why the young tend to be pulled in by Liberal/Progressive manipulation as Eve was in the Garden.  Their feeling aspect is not well trained.  Terrorists are an extreme example of this concept in action. #LiberalPolitics #ProgressivePolitics #RulesForRadicals #EnemyWithin #SelfServingNature

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