Monday, December 12, 2016

Since the "prince of this World" is divisive by nature, he is pleased by negative emotional responses toward individuals.  Such emotion feeds his existence.  #EnemyWithin #SelfServingNature

The Word of GOD was not given to be understood by the self-serving nature.  The "prince of this World" sees Scripture according to him--not the Spiritual.  #EnemyWithin #SelfServingNature

The "prince of this World" is always prowling around looking for an untrained feeling nature of Man in which he can take up residence.  He finds the young to be especially prone to give him a home.  Once in, he will blind his host to his presence, usually, for many years--perhaps for their entire life.  #EnemyWithin #SelfServingNature

The "prince of this World" is fearful of Christianity because the Word of GOD is likely to reveal him for who he is.  Therefore, he strives to get Man to see Christianity through his eyes--a self-serving message.  #EnemyWithin #SelfServingNature

The "prince of this World" uses worldly distractions, emotional rants, and chaos to prevent Man from hearing the gentle whispers of GOD.  #EnemyWithin #SelfServingNature

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